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Young Consultants | Enhancing Growth and Competitiveness through Capacity Building and Value Addition
Young Consultants | Enhancing Growth and Competitiveness through Capacity Building and Value Addition

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  Implemented Projects  
Project NameWorked forPriceDurationStatusDetails
A Socio-Economic Assessment to set-up a Special Economic Zone Project in Hatiya, and Char Jobbar, Char Shuborno of Noakhali DistrictIFC-Bangladesh Investment Climate Fund (IFC-BICF), The World Bank GroupN/A6 monthscompletedThe Government of Bangladesh was contemplating the establishment of an economic zone in the district of Noakhali (Chor Shuborno, Chor Jobbar, and Hatiya upazillas), in South-East Bangladesh, based on public-private partnership arrangement. As requested by the GOB, IFC- BICF contracted Young Consultants to carry out a comprehensive Socio-Economic Study on the particular Char regions. Young Consultants exercise was aimed at providing crucial information, which was necessary in determining the parameters of the pre-feasibility study of the proposed SEZ in Noakhali.
A socio-economic study on Remittance Utilization in Bangladesh Bangladesh Social Science Research Council/ Planning Commission/ Ministry of Planning. GoB US$ 7,250 14 weeks ongoingThe project aims to undertake a socio-economic study on the remittance earners in Bangladesh to evaluate their segments of remittance utilization and identify areas of investment for skills development and education of the family members.
BICF's Site Assessment of Kaliakoir High-Tech Park / Special Economic Zone Project IFC- Bangladesh Investment Climate Fund / Special Economic Zones ProgramN/AFive weeks ongoingSite Assessment of Kaliakoir Special Economic Zone:High-Tech Park aims at reviewing PWC-IIFC pre-feasibility study report, evaluating land, identifying on-site and off-site infrastructure facilities and recommendations on future actions
Biogas Users' Survey 2009IDCOL/NDBMPN/A77 weeks ongoingThe project will carry out a country-wide field survey on the biogas plants and the users funded by the National Domestic Bio-gas and Manure Program. The key areas to be identified and impacts evaluated include health and hygiene, environment, socio-economic situation, gender issues, etc. Moreover, impact on Health and sanitation,impact on Socio-economic conditions, information on Biogas Plants, Users’ Satisfaction and Perception, impacts on Gender, Agriculture and impacts on Energy, Emission Reduction and Environment.
Biogas Users’ Survey 2009National Domestic Biogas and Manure Programme (NDBMP)/SNV, Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL)May 02 to September 30, 2010ongoingConducting Biogas Users, Survey 2009 under National Domestic Biogas and Manure Programme (NDBMP) / SNV. The national-wide survey assessed various aspects including costing of biogas gas units, amount of financing and subsidy, disbursement procedures and repayment period, impact of biogas on socio-economic conditions of rural families, Impact on environment, agriculture, gender and pollution emission. Also, the level of users, satisfaction, quality of biogas plants and its components, etc. Evaluated for 500 sampling units. The study team also interviewed 30 key informants and held 10 focus group discussions of 100 rural users and non-users at different places. Data composed and analyzed using SPSS software. Finally, the overall contribution of biogas plants in the renewable engery sector of Bangladesh was assessed.
Comprehensive Socio-Economic Assessment of Greater Sylhet Region, BangladeshIFC- Bangladesh Investment Climate Fund (BICF) and The Sylhet Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI)n/a7 months completedYC conducted a detailed feasibility study to assess the viability of setting-up of a Special Economic Zone/Industrial Park in and around of Sylhet, commissioned by the Sylhet Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) and IFC-BICF. As a part of the study, Young Consultants conducted detailed Socio-Economic Assessment (SEA) in Sylhet Region that included 36 Upazila/Thanas of four districts i.e. Habiganj, Maulvibazar, Sunamganj and Sylhet. The SEA was conducted following the tools and techniques of participatory research methodology. YC conducted detail survey on socio-economic aspects of the local households and local enterprises to identify investment as well as availability of potential skills and workforce for the proposed economic zone that identified the following factors: • The social, economic and cultural factors that facilitate or hinder workers specially women’s transition from rural areas to the proposed SEZ and this included barriers posed by source-area communities as well as by receiving area factors • The costs and benefits of such migration in the source areas, including the impact on poverty reduction at the household and village levels, the importance of remittances received, and the processes through which remittances are transferred, and the impact on the social structure in the remote areas • The patterns and trends of existing migration: seasonal, temporary or permanent; individual or collective; the origins and destinations; and the profile of migrants (age, sex, socio-economic status, education level, etc.). Possible long-term social and economic impacts of remote (Haor) areas labor force’s mobility from agriculture and fishing to manufacturing
HR Services for “Social Management Program of BEPZA’ funded by IFC-Bangladesh Investment Climate Fund (BICF), the World Bank GroupIFC-Bangladesh Investment Climate Fund (BICF), The World Bank GroupN/A1 yearongoingThe Bangladesh Investment Climate Fund (IFC-BICF) is an 8-year technical assistance program targeting a better operating environment for businesses. Consistent with the Government’s strategic vision for private sector development within its overall poverty reduction strategy, the Government and the IFC-BICF jointly designed and implemented programs to institute more business friendly policies, laws and regulations, and strengthen the institutions and civil servants who implement them. Funded by the U.K.’s Department for International Development and the European Union, the IFC-BICF is managed by the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group. Over the course of the planned IFC-BICF economic zones program, Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) has been offered assistance in a range of areas, including designing and implementing a Social Management System for the organization. IFC-BICF contracted Social Management Specialists are working on enhancing social compliance at enterprise level by creating an awareness building campaigns. As part of the Social Management Program, BEPZA employs and supervises 60 labor counselors with the World Bank Group’s funds. The core function of the counselors includes compliance monitoring, building awareness campaign, dispute resolution etc. To provide all required HR Services to the Social Management Program of BEPZA, IFC-BICF has contracted Young Consultants for a period of 1 year (from July 2009 to June 2010) with possibility of extension for addition one year.
Information Dissemination and Promotion of EU-Bangladesh Small Projects Facility in Economic CooperationThe Delegation of the European Commission to Bangladesh, Dhaka 18 months completedFacilitated implementation of EU-Bangladesh Small Projects Facility (SPF) in Economic Cooperation through providing promotional campaign and information dissemination (print and electronic) services to the target beneficiaries on the small grants program during the entire project period of 18 months.
Pre-feasibility study on Sylhet Special Economic Zones IFC-BICF/ World Bank9 monthscompletedUndertook initial site assessment, industry analysis and demand forecast, economic and financial analyses
Project Proposal on Sanitary and Phyto-sanitary Issues Environment, Climate Change & Renewable Energy Unit/YC US$ 26,5603 monthscompletedDeveloped theme and prepared detailed project proposal for STDF grants TDF, Geneva, Switzerland. The project will be implemented under PPP concept and to 2 public and 2 private sector institutions will be involved.
Study on “Reducing Imbalance in the Regional Economic Development of the Country through Imposition of Quota System in the Overseas Employment”Bangladesh Social Science Research Council , Planning Commission, GOBN/A6 monthscompletedThe main objective of the study was to produce useful inputs that might contribute to the national policy formulation in case of overseas employment i.e. imposition of district-wise quota system in overseas employment. To conduct the study, two regions have been selected in terms of overseas employment i.e. one is “(Chandpur, Commila, Noakhali, Feni, Laksmipur, Sylhet” and another one is Northern region that included Nilphamari, Lalmonirhat, Serajgonj, Kurigram, Naogaon, Sherpur, Jamalpur, Narail, Magura, Jhenaidah, Joypurhat, Faridpur, Sariatpur, Rajbari, and Natore. Based on the above two cluster regions, a detailed socio economic study was carried out to achieve the objective of the project. The study was conducted to achieve the objectives of the project following the standard tools and techniques of research methodology
Survey on “Export Oriented RMG Factories to Assess Productivity Level and Identify Target Beneficiaries and Provide inputs for design Development InterventionsIFC- South-Asia Enterprise Development Facility (SEDF), The World Bank GroupN/A1 monthcompletedA project to identify and measure the existing level of productivity in individual RMG factories in and around Dhaka City. The study aimed at assessing the benchmark level and this has been done to identify areas of intervention by the SEDF project in the RMG sector for improvement.
Techno-Economic Feasibility Study on "Saif Plastic Industries Limited" Saif Powertech Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh N/A 4 weeks completedUndertook commercial viability study on setting up of a Plastic Industries and prepared detailed feasibility report containing Management, Marketing, Technical, Financial and Economic aspects following most appropriate format acceptable to the banks and equity investors.
Training Program on “Labor Standard and Workplace Environment in RMG and Textile Industries”Ministry of Commerce and Export Promotion Bureau, GoBN/A6 monthscompletedCapacity Building of Staff and Entrepreneurs of the RMG and Textile industry sector of Bangladesh through providing training on “Labour Standard and Workplace Environment in the RMG and Textile Industries”. This training program was a part of the Quality and Skill Development Project under Post MFA Actions Program of the Ministry of Commerce, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to face the challenge in post MFA regime.
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